How to Take Advantage of Web 2.0 Marketing and Build a Digital Content Strategy?

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So you’ve decided to get into this whole “Web 2.0 Marketing” game and build up your digital community. You’d like to know how to apply these techniques in your company. In this blog post, we go over the easiest strategies to implement in businesses and how you can take advantage of them!

What Does Web 2.0 Marketing Mean Anyway?

My personal definition paraphrases Wikipedia : “The second-generation World Wide Web is all about the shift from static webpages to dynamic content that can be easily shared on social media”.

Over the last decade, lots of new functionalities popped up on the interwebz and spread quickly: blogs, comment sections, RSS feeds, to name but biggest innovations. Most of these functionalities made it easier to create and share content online. Web 2.0 is therefore all about weaving a web which is no longer static: it’s now in sharing mode. It’s as if spiders were weaving their spider webs on a moving object while trying to connect them all together.

Showing Up on Search Engines = SEO

When it comes to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) the same rules apply to all webpages, so let’s start by understanding the basics :

  • Your content must be unique
  • Your content must be both used and shared widely
  • Your content must be shared on high-quality websites

Understanding what goes on beneath these rules is very complex. However, one thing’s for sure: the more you create links that point to your website from other platforms —and the more those are clicked on—, the higher your ranking will be in search engine results.

What Can You Gain from Sharing Your Content on External Websites ?

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The greatest advantage will be to increase your SEO power; the second will be to generate traffic.

Share your content on websites that rank better than you in search engines. By doing so, you’ll be able to draw traffic from very popular keywords even though your website alone simply wouldn’t’ve stood a chance with these particular keywords. Moreover, if a social media post brings clicks to your website, Google’ll give it some extra brownie points !


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The main attraction in enabling comments on your website is to start a conversation with your potential clients. When they comment on your products and services, if you respond quickly, they’ll feel like you care about them and will have a higher level of engagement towards your brand.

The second attraction is that your fans are likely to share your content on their social media accounts, which’ll greatly impact your SEO. Your website will end up being shared and used more often, and that’s exactly what search engines are looking for !

The third aspect is that comments are on the way to being referenced by search engines and will come up more as search results.

The wheels of the popularity bus go round and round…


RSS feeds provide two major benefits. First, they allow visitors to subscribe to your page, topic, blog or entire website and then be notified when something changes or is added. Such notifications will increase traffic to your website.

The second benefit is that you can submit RSS feeds to directories. This additional referencing will increase the number of links pointing to your webpage and help you come up more in search engines and generate even more traffic.

Web 2.0 Directories

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There are still a ton of online directories that profile companies. Some cost money, and others are free. A simple and easy strategy is to draw up a list of online directories on which you’ll create a profile. Most of them allow you to add your website’s url. Ideally, you’d enter a custom url to provide those users with a special offer. See, if you create a profile on, why not create a dedicated page with a url such as to offer 5% off to visitors coming in from

It’ll help you get a sense of where your traffic is coming from!


You might think forums are terribly old school, but they’re still heavily relied upon in a good number of industries. First, they’re a treasure trove of information, providing answers to a variety of questions. People still often ask very technical questions on forums or check to see if a solution has already been provided. Forum users can also recommend products.


Just like with directories, make a list of the influential forums in your field and start contributing by providing answers and interacting with other users. You could even open up new discussion threads on very targeted subjects. You just need to make sure you’re not SPAMMING. It’s crucial that interactions on forums seem authentic and come naturally. Just keep in mind that forums are platforms meant for discussion and helping each other out, not simply advertising.


  • Make a list of forums and directories that would be useful to your business;
  • Add your site to RSS directories;
  • Add your site to social bookmarking sites;
  • Add your site to local directories;
  • Turn on comments on your website (for relevant pages)

If that all seems too complicated, we’d love to help!